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Tally On Cloud

Tally on Cloud ce info software solutions Tally on Cloud provides easy, economical, efficient and secured thanks to use Tally from anywhere, anytime.

When you install the Tally server in your office, you spend on Server Hardware, OS License, Antivirus, Backup, memory device , UPS and much of other things. Get obviate everything, use any device to access Tally from our Cloud Servers.

ce info software solution Tally Cloud may be a service where your tally and data is provided to you as SaaS model. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally ERP from our servers using any RDP client from any device.

ce info software solution Tally Cloud service uses ce info software solution Tiguin OS at the info center level. This OS is thoroughly tested in Tally Environment, also employed by many Happy Clients. Further Tally Cloud also uses high-speed infrastructure to supply you best computing speed.

BIGGEST Advantage of using ce info software solution Tally Cloud is that since our Data Centres are located in India, you’ll activate Indian Tally License.

Tally On Cloud - Features

Any Device

Available through secured RDP protocol using standard Remote Desktop Client.

Any Tally-Version

Install your choice of Tally ERP9 Version. Upgrade to your choice of Tally ERP9 Version in future.

Customization Support

Best Tally Customization (TDL) support. One click application of Tally Customization (TDL).

Access From Anywhere

Hosted in a secured Data Center. Can be accessed from Office, Branch and Home as well.

Local Backup

Automated Backup mechanism. Get your Data on your local backup device on a scheduled time.

Super Secured

Separate VM for every customer. No direct Data Access to users. Solution based on Linux. Zero Virus and Ransomware threats.

Access Anytime

Work during the day or during the night. Data Center Uptime of 99.99 percent. Available 24/7 from anywhere.

Local Printers

Supports printing on Local printers and from one location to another location. Centralized printer installation.

Pleasantly User-Friendly

Simple access, to users, with Remote Desktop Client. Easily work with exported files.

Real-Time Database

No need to sync between locations. One Tally License can be used for multiple locations. Centralised location of Data.

Surprisingly Lightweight

Highly optimized Tally Cloud for better remote performance with lowest Internet Bandwidth requirements.

Seamlessly Scalable

Automated performance mapping mechanism for optimum management of resources while running Tally.

Want to Work on Cloud ?

Enable your business with Tally Cloud and make an incentive for your business. Diminish the expense of Business Operations now.

Tally Cloud FAQs

Is this approved by Tally Solutions (Developers of Tally)?

Right from the creation of this Linux based Tally on Cloud System, Tally Solutions team has tested it in details and found to be good enough for serving Tally Application on Cloud in Linux environment.

How Tally on Cloud Works?

Tally on Cloud serves Tally Desktop Application over Cloud. With proper internet connectivity, users can access Tally on Cloud with their Username and Password using RDP Client from their device. With Tally on Cloud admin panel, your Administrators can easily manage Tally on Cloud Users, Data, Printers, backups, etc.

Do I get Tally License, along with Tally on Cloud Service ?

No, as per the guidelines of Tally Solutions, you need to have your own Tally license to work in your companies created in Tally. It would be against Tally solutions to use a single license for multiple customers and we totally agree with guidelines as set by Tally solutions to avoid problems that could affect our customer’s usage.

What is the advantage of Linux Cloud for running my Tally ?

Linux is always considered to be far less prone towards web attacks and viruses. So Linux environment provides that extra security to resist any Ransomware, Malware, Virus or hacking attacks while running an Application like Tally on Cloud.

How is GST and its reports supported while working on Cloud?

With all new GST reforms Tally has come in with lot of features for managing GST related activities in Tally. Tally on Cloud supports all those activities including exporting and printing of all GST related reports.

Can I use a Single user Tally License for Multiuser Access ?

No, Your users access will totally depend on type of License you have. For Multi-user Access you need a Multi-user Tally License.

Can I access Tally on Cloud from Browser ?

No, As per the beliefs of Tally on Cloud Development team, browser access leads to HTTP which is not as secure as RDP connectivity could be. So Tally on Cloud access can only be done using any RDP Supported device.

Does Tally on Cloud support Tally TDL's ?

Yes, Tally on Cloud supports all TDLs and our team always insist our customers to check all their TDLs before purchasing Subscription for Tally on Cloud.

How could I get access for Tally on Cloud ?

Tally on Cloud access is available on Per User Per Year Subscription basis. You can get further assistance from our team by filling enquiry form at www.tallycloud.in/#bitly_link.

Can I restrict Tally on Cloud access to certain Locations ?

Tally on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere at anytime using proper Username and Password. Still if you need to restrict the access to certain locations, you can do it using Advance Restriction Add-on.

Where are Tally on Cloud Servers located ?

Tally on Cloud servers are located in Net-magic and CtrlS Data-centers located in Noida. These Data-centers are Tier-4 certified Data Centers.

What is the server Up-Time for Tally on Cloud Servers ?

99.99% is the uptime for Tally on Cloud Server.

Where is my Data Stored while working on Cloud?

Both Data and Your Tally are on your Tally on Cloud server itself. No one other than your Administrator has access of your Tally Data.

How can my users access cloud from multiple locations?

All that users need, is to have a proper network and internet connectivity to access Tally from any location. If you want to set restrictions on locations allowed for access of Tally on Cloud, you can use an additional “Advance Restriction” Add-on.

How is my Data Backed up from Cloud?

Your administrator can easily configure Backup Location and Backup time schedule from Tally on Cloud Administrators Panel and get data backed up once any user takes backup. To automate the entire process you can also use Advance Backup Add-on in this case your users need not worry about taking backup.

Can I print to my Printers while working on Cloud ?

In Cloud environment you can print to your locally connected printers, Locally connected network printers as well as printers connected in other branch locations.

Can we use Tally on Cloud from Mobile Device ?

Yes, Tally on Cloud client access is done using RDP client and RDP clients are available for all Mobile Devices based on Android, iOS or Windows.

Does Tally on Cloud support Tally Server 9 ?

Yes, our team understands the need of TS9 in Tally environment and they are good enough to create a secure environment for running both Tally Server 9 and Tally safely.

Can I store other Data on my Tally Cloud Server ?

No, Tally cloud server is optimized to manage Tally Data only.

Do you provide any other services for Tally?

No, Tally on Cloud team is committed to provide only Linux based Cloud service for running Tally and is not in to any other sales, service or development around Tally Software.

If my Internet is not working, can I still work in Tally on Cloud?

No, Tally on Cloud is an Internet based service where both your Tally and Tally Data are on Cloud. So without Internet connectivity you cannot work on Tally. Still you can do it by restoring cloud data backup to your Local system which you need to further restore back on cloud.

Can I create my private Cloud for running Tally ?

Yes, Tally on Cloud system is available as an Operating System which you can install in your Private Cloud environment. You need to have proper discussion and understanding from our Technical team to do the same.

What type of Internet connectivity do I need to use Tally on Cloud ?

Tally on Cloud access doesn’t require heavy Internet connectivity. Even 50 Kbps bandwidth per user is enough provided the connectivity is consistent.

Is Cloud environment secure enough for running an Application like Tally ERP9 ?

Yes, provided there is an environment as secure as Linux and Data access is restricted to certain people in your company. Tally on Cloud provides all this security features and moreover it doesn’t even give direct data access to Tally on Cloud support team.

Can we access Tally on Cloud from MacBook and other iOS Devices ?

Yes, Tally on Cloud client access is done using RDP client and RDP clients are available for all Devices based on Linux, iOS or Windows.

Can I integrate other applications with Tally while working on cloud ?

Tally is now-a-days integrated with lot of other applications like ERP, SAP, Web Portals, BI-Tools, etc. All such integrations with Tally on Cloud has been successfully carried on by Tally on Cloud Technical Team.

How do I get my files exported from Tally while working on Cloud?

With Tally on Cloud you can mount your local folder on cloud, so once you export your files they directly reach your local folder on your desktop system.

How do I Download and Upload my Data while working on Cloud?

Tally on Cloud has an admin panel which can be used by your companies administrator to easily download and upload data to and from your desired location.

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