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Auditor Edition

Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition has advanced into a profoundly modern device for business activities the executives for both CA’s and their customers. With esteem included administrations, for example, proceeded with legal consistency and remote access, this item stays unmatched in the market in expanding the viability of inspectors. It is helpful to smooth out procedures in order to spare time, endeavors, and assets.

Count ERP 9 Auditor Edition has planned with the end goal that it streamlines your expenses and income abilities while sparing huge time and exertion. In addition, with a complex review programming, physical confirmation and approval of information utilizing vouchers are not, at this point fundamental. The item assists CA’s with giving continuous and brief goals to any review issues and related questions remotely inside the product itself. Separate reports and annexure can likewise be gotten to normally in accordance with necessities for an assessment review no sweat.

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Tally.ERP 9 Auditors Edition - Price


Ease verification and collation of data

Simplify the audit process with 3-dimensional micro-analysis

Audit Working Papers

Repeated Transactions

Relative Size Factor (RSF)

How it will benefit

Increase audit efficiency

100% manual verification

Considerable time saved

Jointly work with CAs to deliver technology solutions

Audit Dashboard

Auditors Edition

Applicable for CAs only

Auditors Edition

INR 10,800

+18% GST (INR 1,944)

Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition Benefits

Audit programs and working papers

Auditors Edition enables Chartered Accountants to limit blunders and get ready intensive reports while limiting time and endeavors.

Analytical procedures with multiple sampling methods

Contrast information of the present year and the earlier years, effectively distinguish the surprising connections among information to spot errors.

Opening Balance Verification and Scrutiny

Any differences in parities can be effortlessly featured making it conceivable to quickly address concerns.

Repeated transaction reports

Numerous designs can be modified to recognize and record exchanges that appear to be uncommon or are repeating.

Periodic Report & Payment Receipts

Spot anomalies in exchanges and give straightforwardness in examples of exchanges happening over some undefined time frame.

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